Mike Lidstone, a RCMP officer, started the Sackville Wrestling Club for youth as a means to develop junior and senior high school aged students for competition in provincial high school and community club competitions.

Sackville Wrestling Club is entering its fifth year in operation and it has enjoyed an incredible amount of success.

Wrestling is an incredible sport for youth, and we truly believe in the social value of the sport. Many social experts have identified low self esteem as being the primary reason that youths become involved with drugs and youth violence. By creating a family type team environment in which you can provide youth with a sense of belonging and accomplishment you steer them from the many negative social influences.

We have been extremely successful developing high school aged wrestlers to prepare them to compete in high school as well as on the regional and national level. In 2013 Sackville Wrestling Club was the first Nova Scotia team to win a National Championship team title (in the Greco Roman division).

We have developed an introductory program for elementary school aged wrestlers. In a recent year end tournament 26 of our 31 wrestlers who competed in the 2014 PEI Open won medals – this was very exciting for the kids and their parents.

The cost of partaking in the sport is relatively inexpensive but the costs of tournaments such as the PEI Open, the Atlantic Championships and the National Championships are major tournaments in which many Nova Scotia athletes would like to participate but it is cost prohibitive for many. In order to support the development of these hard working youth the Sackville Wrestling Club is canvassing businesses and individuals to donate to the club which is registered as a non -profit society. You can have the satisfaction of providing extremely exciting opportunities to youth and developing them in a very positive way.