What makes an Olympic champion?

What the Statistic Say About Wrestling
Some facts to ponder if you plan on developing a world class wrestling program.

1. The average starting age of an Olympic or world champion is 11 years
2. The average age of starting to wrestle in Canada is 15 years.
3. The average age of specialization* in wrestling = 16 years
4. The age at which a world class wrestler will formulate his wrestling style is 21
5. The average age at which specialization occurs in Canada is 19. Upon entry to College or University most Canadian athletes have to choose which sport to participate in because almost all sports are offered at the same time.
6. The average training year in Canada consists of 4 to 6 months
7. The average training year for a world class wrestler 10 to 11 months.
8. The average age of a world or Olympic champion is 27
9. The average age of the 2004 Canadian Olympic Trials Champion is 30
10. The almost all Canadian Junior Champions will have no international wrestling experience prior to the Junior World Championship.
11. Almost all world or Olympic champions are full time athletes
12. I could go on but I will stop here
Good coaching is vital to success. Learning the right skills at an early age is essential. The right skills are the skills that are effect at the senior age. Establishing a good attitude and having good habits are an important part of the process.
-Stan Tzogas