• Posted on: 25 January 2019
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Wrestling -An amazing sport for football players!!!

Wrestling -An amazing sport for football players!!!
While sports like basketball, soccer, ice hockey and track can improve an athlete’s agility and speed, no other sport is as beneficial to football players as wrestling. These four skills: tackling, hand fighting, leverage and footwork (among many others) translate directly from the wrestling mat to the football field…...Trey Boyer

"Wrestling set me up for success as a football player," Crockett Gillmore,Ravens "Wrestling gave me the technique to succeed in football," Tim Krumrie,Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers have seven ex-wrestlers. The Indianapolis Colts have four, Vikings have four.

“Balance and control against an external resistance, leverage and positioning and the ability to move a non-willing opponent are skills needed for all football positions,” Andy Ryland, Trainer USA Football  “Wrestling does a great job teaching this.”

“I think you learn more from wrestling than any other sport,” Mike Zimmer, Vikings AL