• Posted on: 25 January 2019
  • By: belinda-admin
You Gotta Pay Your Dues

Gary R. Vittorio – Wrestling Coach, Parsippany H.S., New Jersey
When you’ve lost the match and the hurt sets in
And you say “why did I lose?”
You have to search deep down inside
And ask “did I pay my dues?”
Don’t carry on while everybody’s “watchin’”,
Or shrug it off and say “I got burned.”
‘Cuz the real man takes stock of himself
And looks for any stone left unturned.
Did I run out of gas when the going got tough?
Was I skating when it came to condition?
Or did I pump the iron until it hurt
To be sure that wasn’t an omission?
The summer comes with the heat,
Allowing time to kill,
But did I go to camps and tourneys
To learn and improve my skills?
And in the practice sessions when the
Coach exhausts you with a drill.
Did I push myself a little harder
To the climb the long, high hill?
Success doesn’t always come easy,
Even when you posses the “tools”,
The extra effort you put into it
Are all part of “paying your dues.”
So to the few who are listening
To what I am trying to say,
It boils down to a simple phrase,
“Baby, you gotta pay.”