• Posted on: 25 January 2019
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Why Wrestle?

At some point in time every person that takes to the mats surely has the thought pass through their mind, “why wrestle?” But, year after year for centuries on end mankind has taken to the mats to struggle for the fall, the triumph, the victory.

There must be a reason why we wrestle.

In today’s world there definitely are more comfortable pursuits for youth to chase. Hanging out with friends playing video games or just watching T.V. pretty much guarantees that you’ll never split your lip or take a hard cross-face against the bridge of your nose. If you’re looking for a life of ease or comfort, a wrestling room probably isn’t the place to venture.

Teddy Roosevelt, wrestler and president had an answer for those that wondered why they stepped forward on the rocky and dangerous path. “Far better is it to dare mighty things and win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank among those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory or defeat.”

For those that pursue wrestling, they are presented with an age-old challenge. Wrestling is a pursuit that holds within it athleticism, mental acumen, dedication of spirit, and the perils of impending failure. It is a complex rubric that as we move into a deeper thinking of what the sport of wrestling means to us becomes even more interesting at each turn.

As we master the next move, study the next tactic, and train for the next victory we are on a path that promises a deeper understanding of self. As Socrates stated over a thousand years ago, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Wrestlers fear not the struggle; they embrace it.

Through sacrifice and discipline those that step upon the mats are promised a chance to face the adversity and reveal to themselves a deeper understanding of self. Strength in body, mind, and soul is a far greater reward than time spent hanging out.

Ted Witulski
NCEP Manager
USA Wrestling

As always ... Ted is a master of the written word.

I've stolen another "Why Wrestle" and am including it. This time of year, I post it on bulletin boards throughout our school.

Wrestling prepares a person to compete in the game of life. The wrestler is the one athlete that must meet their opponent and do battle completely on their own. No one can substitute and time outs are not possible. You have no one to check, screen, block or assist you in anyway; there is no one to pass the ball to and no one to blame for your mistakes. When you win, you must display quiet pride and modesty; when you lose the responsibility is yours.

Wrestling is a special sport. In other sports, when contact is made, they blow the whistle and stop the action; in wrestling when contact is made, we’re just getting started.

No sport requires more sacrifice and discipline than wrestling. The individual, through self-denial, offers more of their character, than can ever be explained here. It is something you carry with you throughout your life, and through every trial, test, and tribulation. Wrestling … truly teaches life skills and values.

Anyway, that's someone's answer to the question! If I've stolen the above from you, I am truly "kinda" sorry!

Randy Hinderliter, USAW-Kansas
Coaches Certification and Education

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