Members of Sackville Wrestling Club are reminded that they are representatives of this Team, the community, the province, the country as well as their parents. The team will be evaluated by the actions of its members both on and off the mats. Taking this into account, we expect all our members to be considered in the highest regard. We therefore insist that members follow these rules and expectations:
Team Rules

All Sackville Wrestling Club athletes are representatives of this wrestling club, the community, the province, the country as well as their families. The team will be evaluated by the actions of its members both on and off the mats. Taking this into account, we expect all our members to be considered in the highest regard. We therefore insist that members follow these rules while participating in any event in which the club is involved, including travel to and from with the club:

1. Abide by the rules, laws, regulations and bylaws of the WNS, the CAWA, Canada, and the Province of Nova Scotia (or any province or foreign country in which the athlete may be traveling with the club), or any host or host venue.

2. Any conduct detrimental to the best interest of the club will not be tolerated. This includes fighting and poor sportsmanship such as swearing, trash talking, showboating or arguing with officials, coaches, parents or teachers.

3. Unless otherwise stated, on over night coach-supervised trips the following protocol will apply: The curfew is 10 p.m. lights out, in your assigned room and sleeping. Members must be in their assigned rooms, unless permission to change rooms is given by a coach. Members are responsible for any damage resulting to their assigned room unless the changed assignments are noted.

4. Same-gender chaperones must be present on all over-night trips.

5. Coaches or other adult Volunteers cannot room with athletes when traveling and so on.

6. No females in male’s rooms and or no males in female’s rooms on any over night event.

7. Coaches or adult volunteers are not permitted to room with athletes

8. No fraternizing, please refrain from public displays of affection with girlfriends or boyfriends during club activities.

9. Respect the property of others at all times, including while traveling to events, while participating at events, while residing in accommodations. Theft and vandalism will not be tolerated. No stealing, tampering with, or destruction of belongings or the property of others.

10. Possession or use of alcoholic while under the legal age, and/ or being intoxicated, regardless of age, while representing the club at any event is forbidden.

11. The use of any form of tobacco is prohibited.

12. Athletes with any infectious or contagious diseases are not to return to practice or competition until the infectious or contagious disease has been cleared by a doctor. For skin diseases, the skin must be completely returned to normal. Athletes must notify a coach and all athletes in contact with, of any infectious or contagious diseases such as ringworm. Athletes are not to come into contact with blood other than their own. Stop, clean and cover all cuts and bleeding immediately.

13. Harassment is a criminal offence and will be treated as one. Harassment whether written, verbal, sexual, physical, emotional or racial, will not be tolerated. Any form of hazing (initiation) will be treated as harassment.

14. Sackville Wrestling Club does not advocate the use of any performance enhancing substance either on the permitted or banned list. There will be no use of or possession of drugs or performance enhancing substances prohibited by either law or the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

In cases of illegal activity: the police will be contacted and any member breaking the law will be charged. Take note that the club will come down very tough on athletes guilty of any behavior contrary to fair play or illegal.

Defiance of the proceeding rules, policies and procedures will result in immediate suspension. An immediate suspension at the discretion of the coaching staff present can involve being sent home from an over-night event at the expense of the violator. A disciplinary hearing against the violator will be held to discuss a suspension from overnight trips for at least a period of exactly one-year. A more severe penalty may also be imposed. However, any appeal by the athlete and his/her parent/ guardian or personal coach will be heard by the executive before making their final decision. Ultimately, the executive reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership to any athlete who fails to comply with the SWC Rules, Policies and Procedures or any new rules, policies or procedures imposed verbally at any given time.
Athlete Expectations

The Sackville Wrestling Club is a non-profit organization that is focused on providing an organized and constructive environment where athletes can develop character and master wrestling skills. The club is committed towards coaching at all levels of the sport; but, primarily focusing on developing elite high performance athletes. Our goal is to put athletes on provincial, national and international podiums. To achieve this we must produce an atmosphere where athletes of all levels can flourish and we can work together to ultimately create an environment where elite results can be attained. The core focus is to build a solid base by developing a strong grassroots-feeder system. Proper preparation is an integral part of an optimal performance. Practices are scheduled year round. The coaching staff is committed to providing the best possible instruction in the sport of wrestling. Our objective in the process is not only focused on producing elite athletes, but on cultivating exemplary citizens. We want to pass along good values and life-long skills. Productivity is a direct result of a committed effort and professional approach towards achieving set goals. Being a member of the Sackville Wrestling Club you become a representative of all that we are. Our goal is to adhere to the highest possible standards so that we can deliver the best program. To do this we ask our members to demonstrate the following habits.

1. Set a Goal - Whatever you do, do it with a purpose, an end in mind and it will get done. A purpose is an objective and an end in mind is a goal. Set objectives and goals what are personal, challenging, attainable, specific and measurable. Focus on the process/ performance over product/ outcome. Having goals will give direction and meaning to your efforts. Write down your goal and put it up somewhere where you will see it everyday

2. Communication Skills - Share your goal with the coaches and together make a plan of action. Provide constant feedback to coaches on matters that affect you, your goal and your expectations. Let the coaches know what they can do to help you. Coaches do many things; but they cannot read minds. Notify coaches of any medical considerations or medical action plans (i.e. epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, hepatitis, infections diseases, etc). If you are absent for more than two consecutive practices, notify a coach. Also, if injured notify a coach immediately. The athlete must inform the coach if they are taking any medical or performance enhancing substances. Athletes must also inform coaches if they plan to practice at another club or compete independently of the club.

3. Positive Attitude - Exhibit a positive attitude at all times. Behave in an honest and courteous manner. Show good sportsmanship by being humble in victory and proud in defeat. We value good sportsmanship over a championship. By being a good sport you will always be a winner. Being a good sport is essential. We will not condone the use of profane language or offensive gestures. The use of profound language and offensive gestures is a sign of a lack of discipline or lack of self control. Negative comments, put-downs, constant arguing, excuses, blaming, or complaining (whining) is a sign of a weak character and it will not be tolerated. This is not the behavior of self confident winners. It you do not have anything good to say, do not say anything. Remember “live is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to what happens to you” (Lou Holtz). What you say about others says more about you.

4. Punctuality - Be prompt. Arrive "on time" and "on time" means being there 10 minutes early and ready to go. Do not wait to be told to start. A good team practice should run itself. If you are late, it is disrespectful and disruptive to the other members to take your time getting changed and ready. Rush to get ready, warm-up and see a coach so he can work you into the practice. If you have to leave the practice at any point inform a coach. Be on-time, work over-time.

5. Readiness - Come to practice and tournaments prepared. For practices, bring a water bottle (no sharing), shorts, T-shirt, wrestling boots, running shoes, skipping rope, athletic injury tape and trimmed fingernails. A mouth guard is recommended. For tournaments, you will need a red and a blue singlet, handkerchief, wrestling boots, warm up gear, a combination lock, a nutritious meal or two, as well as toiletries for showering. Personal hygiene is crucial in the prevention of skin infections such as ringworm. All personal wrestling gear, equipment and cloths (i.e. especially knee pads) must be clean and free of bad odor. You should always shower immediately after every workout and/ or competition by using a washcloth soaked with medicated soap. Athletes are not to come into contact with blood other than their own. Stop, clean and cover all cuts and bleeding immediately.

6. Tenacious Work Ethic - Always performs to the best of your ability. To get more, you must ask for more from yourself. Always work to your maximum and you will get more. You get what you give. Develop a strong will to constantly accomplish and achieve more. Be intense in all your efforts. Do in practice what you do in a match. Success people are people who failed, but refused to quit. Set your goals towards improving your physical conditioning, developing new skills and improving old skills. Maintain an excellent level of fitness by getting involved with other sports and/or working out daily. It is your personal responsibility to be in excellent physical condition for wrestling. We do not loss matches because of poor conditioning.

7. Respect – Respect is a 2-way street. Show respect to others and others will show respect back to you. Respect the coaches, officials, and any support staff by following their instructions. Please address coaches as “Coach” and their last name. Please do not use their first names, unless otherwise advised. Parents and support staff should be addressed as Mr. or Mrs., unless otherwise requested by them. Respect the property of others, whether at the training site, the competition site or while residing in travel accommodations. Garbage belongs in the garbage bins, and vandalism will not be tolerated. Keep hotel rooms, practice areas and change-rooms neat, organized and clean. Respect others by not participating in teasing and ridiculing.

8. Teamwork and Leadership - The best leaders are those that lead by example. Help with the set-up and clean up with each practice. Assist coaches where assistance is needed. Help motivate others to improve. If you are eliminated from a competition, learn from the experience of others, take notes and help your teammates prepare for their matches. Do not leave the venue until everyone from our team is finished wrestling. If you have to leave early always inform a coach of your departure. Help the coaches and athletes prepare for their matches and cheer your teammates on. A team is not going to a tournament with 25 athletes and during the finals only having 5 athletes at the tournament. T.E.A.M. = Together - Everyone - Achieves - More. Team work makes the dream work!

9. Desire and Commitment - The most successful athletes are self-motivated and have developed the “relentless will to win." This means being willing to do what it takes to win; come to every practice, work hard, eat right, get quality recovery time (sleep) and follow the coach’s instructions. Make a commitment to being the best that you can be, by working to improve on your weaknesses and on improving your strength and cardio-fitness. Great improvements do not come to those who “know it all” or are complacent in your achievements. Lose your “coolness,” drop your ego and you will achieve greater heights.

10. Take initiative and show benevolence - Provide help where or when help is needed. Give back do not just take. Be grateful and take an active role in helping to develop a successful club. Each event partaken by the club is a direct reflection of what it represents. From practices to tournaments to fundraisers, whatever we do, we do together for the betterment of the team. Help others by being a mentor to the younger athletes. Share your expertise with those who may benefit from it. Please welcome new members by introducing yourself and try to learn the names of everyone on the team.

11. Dress Code – Your clothing should be neat, clean and respectable. On all club events wear your club gear. Show some respect for yourself by not to wearing clothing depicting illegal drugs, alcohol, profane language, racial, sexual or vulgar suggestions. If you dress with class, usually people will treat you with class.

12. Integrity and accountability - Let honesty govern your actions and you can do no wrong. Think before you speak and mean what you say. Fair play and sportsmanship take precedence over wining in our club. Team Impact will not condone any illegal behaviour or any behaviour contrary to fairplay.

13. Time management - Use a calendar or day planner to keep organized. Effective management of your time will help to you to control and manage stress. Learn to use your time productively. Please plan ahead to avoid organizational problems. Make your intentions to participate in any tournaments or events clear no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. Prioritize with the end-goal in mind. Plan ahead and maintain an agenda or schedule. Manage your time effectively in order to excel in school or your personal life and to avoid missing training or competitions due to falling behind. Regular attendance and review combined with good organization is an integral aspect of succeeding in school as well as other aspects of life. We expect to hear good results and compliments about you in all aspects of your life.

14. Winners breed Winners - Assimilation by association; you can become that which you associate with. If you hang around peers who are constantly in trouble with the law, chances are good you too will also become in trouble with the law. Associate with peers who do well in school, do not take drugs and possess the above habits and you will do better. Improvements come sooner for participants who are cooperative and follow the above habits. Our objective is to improve with every effort and we will commend every person who gives it their all. Our goal is to put athletes on the podiums at provincial, national, and international events. Our ultimate goal is to be the best wrestling club in Canada. These goals can only be achieved if no one cares about who gets the credit and everyone helps in the quest to be the best. In the end, we all will win because we have become better people.
Code of Excellence for Parents at Events

Be positive, courteous and supportive to everyone including competitors and officials.

Encourage and support your son or daughter regardless of their performance outcome. Remember it is about them and not you.

Please take an active role, whenever possible, with any fund raising event. Compared to most sports our fees are low because we have good parents who help raise money to keep our fees low. Good help is always appreciated in any club endeavour.

Unless you are on the coaching staff, please leave the coaching to the coaches.