Katie Gatza

  • Posted on: 24 September 2018
  • By: belinda-admin
Kaitie Gatza

Katie started wrestling and training with Sackville Wrestling Club coaches in 2015.

Coach Mike saw that Katie was not only a natural on the wrestling mat, but also showed a lot of promise academically, so he reached out to wrestling staff at US prep schools and sent footage of Katie training for the Canadian Nationals at Sackville Wrestling Club. Liking what he saw, the head coach of Northfield forwarded the video footage along with a recommendation to the admissions board staff. Katie was offered a spot in junior year with a full scholarship.

Katie is currently attending Northfield Mount Hermon, in Massachusetts, USA, and learning how to wrestle folkstyle while improving on her freestyle with university coaches from all over New England.

Kaite says of attending prep school, "This was an extreme life changing opportunity for me. It has changed my life for the better."

Some of Katie's wrestling accomplishments:

  • SILVER - 2018 Canadian Championships Greco Roman
  • TEAM NOVA SCOTIA - 2017 Summer Canada Games
  • GOLD - 2017 NSSAF Provincial Championship
  • GOLD - 2016 NSSAF Provincial Championship
  • SILVER - 2015 NSSAF Provincial Championship

Wrestling at Canadian Nationals, wrestling at Canadian Summer Games, attending an elite prep school is all because of Katie's involvement with the Sackville Wrestling Club and Coach Mike Lidstone seeing a further opportunity for Katie and acting on it.

The opportunities Katie has had through wrestling, could be yours or your child's. Learn more about joining the Sackville Wresting Club here: Sign Up!