Our Mission and Vision


Wrestling is an incredible sport for boosting a youth’s self esteem. By having youth participate in a positive and supportive team environment in which youth can achieve their potential through dedication and commitment they can learn to believe in themselves and become champions on and off the wrestling mat.


The Sackville Wrestling Club is a not-for-profit organization that provides structured and constructive practices where athletes can develop character and master wrestling skills. Our aim is for everyone to contribute towards producing an environment where athletes of all levels can reach their potential and ultimately we can have an environment where exceptional results can be attained. We will work to build a solid base by developing a strong grassroots-feeder system. The three key components in our program are training periodization and long term athlete development. The coaching staff is committed to providing the best possible up-to-date instruction in the sport of wrestling. Our purpose in the process is not only focused on producing elite athletes, but on developing exemplary citizens. We want to pass along good values and life skills and in the process produce outstanding wrestlers. In due course, we are aiming to be one of the best wrestling clubs in Canada.


Participation is encouraged at a young age in order to reach maximum potential as an adult. In an on going study by German Sport Scientist Dr. Harold Tuennemann involving data collected from Olympic and World Champions, the average starting age to wrestle is 11 years. Dr. Tuennemann also states that by the age of 21 years the wrestler’s technical repertoire does not change drastically. The average age of the champions is 27 years (Leipzig University, 1996). Often, young wrestlers learn beginning techniques from coaches who may not know the most up-to-date techniques. According to Dan Gable (Coaching Wrestling Successfully, Human Kinetics, 1998.), less updated skills could result in fewer great wrestlers down the road, especially if some of these techniques result in bad habits that are hard to change. Young people need to learn good skills from the beginning to eliminate the forming of bad technical habits. Therefore, it is important that wrestlers receive excellent year round instruction at a young age, in order to attain high performance results in the future.

The objective of the club is to develop athletes at a young age and focus on developing a solid foundation of technical skills for the years to come. The club is committed towards coaching at all levels of the sport. We strongly encourage participation before 14 years of age, with 10 years of age being the ideal. Our primary focus is the development of young athletes into adult champions rather than attempting to recruit adult champions. The club plans to provide coaching throughout all the age groups. Consider that when constructing a solid building, the engineer will begin with a solid foundation at the basement, not at the roof or on the second floor. It is crucial that athletes receive good instruction at a young age. This will ensure they will develop good habits and reach their optimum potential.

At the club the athlete is at the center of our model not only as an athlete but also as a person. The most important element of a good sports program is the end product. Our end product is not only an outstanding athlete, but also an outstanding citizen. Optimum performance will be attained when the emphasis is on character development as well as athletic improvement. Having a positive attitude not only toward sport, but also toward life is paramount. Skills acquired in sport easily transfer into all facets of life.


Our values are teamwork, the desire to win, work ethic, integrity, initiative, respect, commitment, tenacity and a positive attitude.

Current Objectives

1. Promote the sport of wrestling primarily by increasing our membership base under the age of 17.

2. Secure a conveniently located year-round training venue in Lower Sackville, free of school closure and/or any interruptions.

3. Implement and develop a Fundraising Committee to deal will all matters related to raising money. Their goal will be to secure operational funds and continue to pursue current ventures and investigate new fund-raising possibilities. The long term goal being to secure an endowment fund to provide equipment for training.

4. We are also interested in recruiting a sports medicine support staff. We would like to include a doctor, a physiotherapist, a massage therapist, a nutritionist, and a psychologist in this staff. These individuals should have a background in sports or an aptitude for working with athletes.

5. Maintaining an annual membership of 50+ athletes under 15 years of age.

6. Encourage all coaches to improve coaching certification as well as take a CPR and First Aid course.

8. Recruit and encourage new coaches into the coaching staff as a means of promoting wrestling in the province.


Our goal is to put athletes on the podium at Provincial, National and International events.