Practice Requirements

Main Practice Objective:

The objective of kid’s practices is to have fun, learn wrestling skills and improve fitness. To do this we focus on creating a structured learning environment.

Practice Philosophy

The objective of our practices is to improve every participant’s wrestling skills and ability’s. To do this we focus on creating a serious, structured and intensive learning environment. Practices are designed to provide a challenging learning experience geared towards winning wrestling matches. The focus is on technical, tactical and strategically preparations. Being in excellent physical condition is the personal responsibility of each athlete. We do not lose matches because of poor fitness. It will be the athlete’s responsibility to follow the recommended individual training plan and be in excellent physical condition. Punctuality is important for developing team cohesion and an important future employability attribute. Being late is disrespectful and disruptive to team cohesion. Productivity is a direct result of a committed effort and professional approach to set goals

Practice Requirements:

  • To fulfill our liability requirements we request that at all participants submit the club registration package.
  • Please come to practice on time
  • There will be no practices on Statutory Holidays.
  • During bad weather do not put yourself in any danger and try to come to practice.
  • Do not come to practice if you have any infectious or contagious disease.
  • Please be prepared with the proper equipment needed to be able to participate: drinking water, gym shorts, t-shirt, wrestling shoes or running shoes with clean soles. Practice gear must be clean and must be washed after every workout. Please put your wrestling shoes on and off by the mat.
  • Any individual medical conditions that might affect training must be discussed with the coach including coping strategies.
  • Be respectful to your coaches and fellow athletes. Foul or abusive language is not acceptable.
  • Be respectful, cooperative and participate to the best of your abilities.
  • Take a shower (with soap!) immediately after every workout.
  • For athletes new the sport, please observe a training session prior to participation. New inexperienced athletes will not be permitted to engage in full-out sparring session for a minimum of a two week period.
  • If at any time, during a practice you become ill or injured, inform one of the coaches at once. This is for your protection.