Dear Parent,

Many social experts have identified low self esteem as being the primary reason that youths become involved with drugs and youth violence. By creating a family type team environment in which you can provide youth with a sense of belonging and accomplishment you steer them from many negative social influences.

I have played and coached many sports but I have never seen a sport develop the self esteem of youths like that of wrestling. The sport is all inclusive - it does not discriminate according to gender, size, disability or socio-economics. I have seen blind kids, deaf kids, and amputees all compete. In 2009 there was an Ontario high school finalist who competed at the nationals in the gold medal match with no legs- he was truly inspiring! Wrestlers compete according to their gender, age and size. The sport is also very cheap in which to participate with many kids and coaches buying used wrestling boots for under $20. Many of the wrestlers that I coached furthered their wrestling in university where they obtained scholarships and traveled world wide to compete for their university or for Canada.

Wrestling is a growing sport in many provinces including Nova Scotia. Like many sports, it offers many social and personal benefits and helps develop youth to socialize and work with others in a respectful manner. Anyone interested in joining the Sackville Wrestling Club at:

Thank You,
Mike Lidstone
Coach- Sackville Wrestling Club